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What to Look for in Pre-Owned Cars


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Choosing the right vehicle for you when checking out inventories of pre-owned cars can be a tricky proposition, but a few simple items on a mental checklist will go a long way to ensuring you make the right purchasing decision in the end.

Make Sure the Price is Right

If you have a particular make and model in mind, a quick check of online inventories of pre-owned cars that feature the vehicle you’re interested in will give you an idea of the price range you should be paying in the end. Canadian Black Book is also an invaluable resource to give you the knowledge you need to know when you’re getting a good deal and not over-paying.

Visit a Reputable Dealer

Whatever brand you’re interested in, whether it’s an Acura pre-owned car or other make, your best bet is to visit an authorized new-car dealership that sells that brand. They will have had first choice on the best-quality pre-owned car models being offered up as lease returns and trade-ins from their own customers, and that is reflected in their inventories.

Insist on a Vehicle History Report

A dealership should be able to offer you a history report on the pre-owned car you’re thinking of buying. Making these reports available is standard procedure at a reputable dealership like Richmond Acura, and should be a basic requirement for a consumer looking for peace of mind and the assurance their money is going to a vehicle in good shape.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions!

At a certified Acura dealer, you will benefit from unmatched expertise in new Acura and pre-owned cars. Your advisor will be glad to share that expertise with you and answer all your questions and concerns, so you’ll be better informed.

Keep an eye out for low-mileage pre-owned cars that have not been accidented, and preferably are eligible for certification. In Vancouver near Burnaby and Surrey, BC, Richmond Acura offers transparent service, unrivaled expertise, and an exclusive inventory of certified Acura pre-owned cars that check off all the right boxes.