Richmond Acura Anniversary Sale!

For a Used Luxury Car Trust in the Specialists


If you’re in the market for a used luxury car, don’t place your faith blindly in the hands of independent retailers who are offering aggressive pricing but may or may not have the expertise – or integrity – to provide you with the best value for your hard-earned money. At Richmond Acura in Vancouver near Burnaby and Surrey, BC, we have unchallenged expertise and experience in finding and offering you only the finest used luxury cars.

Choosing the right used luxury cars from the right sources is the first essential step in keeping an inventory that you’ll be happy to choose your next vehicle from. We stock mainly lease returns and trade-ins from our own clientele, including first choice of the best used Acura vehicles as well as other quality used luxury car makes.

Insist on a Thorough Inspection Process

Before you buy from anyone, you’ll also want to make sure there is a rigorous inspection process in place that ensures that every used luxury vehicle you look at is in optimal and safe condition. This will not only provide you with value, safe and enjoyable driving and peace of mind, but it will maximize your used luxury car’s resale value down the road.

Certification according to the manufacturer’s standards is another important guarantee of quality in a used luxury car, and none has set those standards higher than Acura. In Vancouver near Burnaby and Surrey, BC, Richmond Acura is your guarantee of Acura quality.