Acura Celebrates 30 Years of the NSX at Chicago Auto Show


An absolutely extraordinary and unique car, the Acura NSX is celebrating 30 incredible years at the Chicago Auto show. Fitting, since it originally debuted as the NS-X concept in the same location in 1989, this exceptional vehicle has spearheaded numerous advances in the automotive industry. One of the highlights of the celebration, was a fun video offered by Acura. This video featured an original NSX side by side with the latest model.

After 30 years, this supercar remains just as exhilarating as it was 3 decades ago. Discover the Acura NSX in Richmond, at Richmond Acura; where you are invited to get behind the wheel for an absolutely thrilling test drive.

Thirty years ago, the NS-X, as it was known then, turned the supercar industry on it's head, forcing other automakers, both in the supercar segment and the more common production models to step up their game. It was the first mid-engine exotic car on the market that could also serve as a daily driver. No longer did supercar performance come at the expense of a comfortable interior and daily driveability. Not only did this car introduce several concepts to the automotive industry, it was living proof that a vehicle of this calibre could be sold at an affordable price, making it accessible to the masses.

Fast forward three decades, and the NSX is still outrageous, yet surprisingly affordable; at least as far as supercars go. Each and every aspect of the vehicle is designed to maximize it's performance, from it's cooling system to the utilization of air flow. It's name now stands for New Sports eXperience, and that's exactly what you'll get as you race from zero to 60 MPH in 2.7 seconds. It's hybrid powertrain utilizes additional motors to take it's power over the top, delivering a neck-snapping 573 horsepower. Just like it did 30 years ago, the NSX defies conventional thinking, paving the way to a new era of automotive performance.

While the NSX is a production car, it is built in a standalone facility, where roughly 100 dedicated engineers, technicians and craftsmen work together on every vehicle. There is technically only one trim available, however, each car is custom tailored to it's driver, with tens of thousands of configurations. It's ancestor was the world's first all-aluminum supercar, and it's progeny continues to pioneer ground-breaking technology. Made of a combination of advanced materials, melding an ultra-rigid frame with a significant reduction in weight, the newest NSX boasts the world's first multi-material body.

It's cockpit is as sophisticated as any 737, only sharper and more comfortable. Designed to elevate and engage, it is loaded with intelligent technology and kinetic ergonomics. Moulded around the driver, you'll feel exceptional control behind the wheel.

A special car for a special kind of driver, you too can experience an exhilarating test drive behind the wheel of the Acura NSX in Richmond. Visit Richmond Acura, and explore this exceptional vehicle like no other found on the road today.