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Buying a vehicle is probably the second biggest purchase of your life, after home ownership. For some people, it may even be the biggest! This is why it's so important to shop around and ensure that you get a good deal, especially when shopping for a newer vehicle. This is where Richmond Acura in Richmond can be a big help to you!

We understand that everyone wants to own a brand-new car, but that's not always feasable. Sometimes, we might be close to treating ourselves to the car of our dreams, but still a little short. If you could knock $5,000, $10,000 or even $15,000 off the sticker price, that would go a long way now, wouldn't it? This is exactly what Richmond Acura can offer you with its selection of demo models, listed here on our website. These vehicles are in brand new condition, with just a little bit of mileage on them. In most cases, they've clocked less than 10,000 km, although usually it's much less than that. Talk about getting a new car at a great price!

If you're not familiar with demo cars, here's a rundown. Demo cars tend to be vehicles that have been driven by employees of the dealership, their family members, or customers for a short time. They usually have a few hundred or thousand kilometres on them, and are considered *new* since they have never been sold. Since they are *new*, sometimes they are still eligible for rebates, warranty and special promotions too. Priced lower than an undriven car, this can be a great way to score a deal. As for wear and tear, we all know that often a salesman accompanies a potential customer on a test drive, which means that drivers are on their best behaviour.

Take a look through our listings of exceptional vehicles. Click on any one of them to get its full details. Richmond Acura always provides you with a large number of photos so that you get a great view from all angles, inside and out. Find a vehicle that interests you? Simply fill out the online form to request more information, schedule a test drive, get your current vehicle appraised, apply for credit, or even to make an offer.

One of our friendly and professional representatives will respond to you quickly. In the meantime, you can check out all of the detailed vehicle and pricing information. Richmond Acura promises full transparency of all information. This is how online shopping SHOULD be done.

Don't miss out! Discover your next dream car in our exclusive inventory of demonstrator vehicles in Richmond at Richmond Acura!