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A reminder that winter tire rules kick in October 1 2017-03-08
A reminder that winter tire rules kick in October 1  If you've driven on BC highways during the winter months, you know how precarious the road conditions can be and how important it is to have proper tires.As of October 1, BC law requires that all vehicles travelling on specific highways have winter tires. Designated Winter Tire and Chain-up RoutesAlong with the province, trucking associations ar...
NSX is the anti-Lamborghini 2017-03-08
Figures in US$ 2017 NSX isn't like the 2005 NSX — but it's not like anything else, eitherThe car I’m driving was built a decade ago, though it seems older than that. Like it was born in the early 1990s. The steering wheel is coated in crinkled black leather; there’s a throwback six-speed manual shifter and old-school analog di...
We have moved to the Richmond Auto Mall on July 25 2017-03-08
Richmond Acura have moved to a brand new facility in the Richmond AutoMall on Monday July 25 2016.  The new address is 5580 Parkwood Crescent.